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BAS Baugesellschaft am Scheibenberg mbH

        Structural and Civil Engineering

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Retaining wall and aperture in Niedercrinitz
Construction of a hall for
inFORM GmbH, Chemnitz

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Our Company

Company History

January 1, 2007 CFO Dipl.-Betriebswirt Bernd Zabel is made proxy of our company.
December 31, 2006 Due to their age, associates Mr. Jürgen Köthe and Mr. Jörg Riedel end their active participation in the company.
They had been shaping the company decisively since 1990.
July 1, 2006 Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Bert Köthe and the staatlich geprüfte Bautechniker (publicy certified Site Manager) Marco Riedel successfully graduate and start to take over site managing tasks.
2005 15th company anniversary; our company managed to significantly expand its engagement in industrial construction and hall building.
Market catchment now stretches from Glauchau to Olbernhau and from Schwarzenberg to Chemnitz. Furthermore, we have projects in Dresden and Pirna.
2002 Major projects: Newly built production halls with adminstrative and social buildings for the companies Delimon GmbH, MRW GmbH (2nd stage of construction) and Sattler GmbH at the business park Beierfeld and newly built production hall for the KTW Grüna GmbH.
2001 Major projects: "Renovation and reconstruction of production halls for KUKA Werkzeugbau Schwarzenberg GmbH", "Newly built production halls for FSG Feinschneidtechnik Oelsnitz GmbH" and "newly built hall for presses for Umformtechnik Scheibenberg GmbH"
July 1, 2000 10th company anniversary; our company has been able to slightly increase its number of employees
Spring 2000 Major projects: "Newly built assembly halls for Blechformwerke Bernsbach GmbH" and "production hall with adminstration and social building for Gustav Rudolph Metallwarenfabrik GmbH Aue-Alberoda"
1999 Major projects: "Extension of a large pressing plant at the Blechformwerke Bernsbach GmbH" and "production hall with administration and social building for Bodet & Horst GmbH & Co. KG Elterlein"
August 1999 Begin of the renovation of a baroque era house at Silberstr. 29 in Scheibenberg, near market square, as a storefront building.
June 1998 Beginning of an increased engagements in industrial construction and hall building; Construction of production halls with administration and social buildings for the companies Friedrich, Schürer and MRW in the business park Beierfeld.
December 1, 1997 Last installment of the BAS mbH purchase price paid to the receivership "Am Scheibenberg" and the receivership was hence terminated; all shares were bought out and the members of the former PGH Bau "Am Scheibenberg" were compensated.
December 19, 1996 Sale of the BAS Bohr- and Sprengtechnik GmbH (our drilling and blasting sector) to two of our employees.
December 19,1996 Establishing of the BAS GmbH & Co. KG Hoch- and Tiefbau as a subsidiary manufacturing company.
September 17, 1996 Issueing of DIN ISO 9002 certification
March 28, 1996 A1 seal of quality awarded by the Güteschutz Kanalbau e.V. (an association for quality control in sewer construction)
Fall 1995 first signs of an economic downturn in East Germany's construction sector
July 1, 1995 5th company anniversary; the company has 70 employees by now
September 1994 First major order from the industry: press pits for Blechformwerke Bernsbach GmbH; Begin of a reorientation from civil engineering and roadworks on a municipal level towards a focus on industrial construction.
July through December 1993 Major order: main water collector in Annaberg
August 1992 Training of first two apprentices starts
July 1992 Start of the major order "Erzgebirgskrankenhaus Annaberg"
Dezember 7, 1991 Purchase contract concerning the assets of the former PGH between the receivership as seller and the BAS mbH buyer.
September 1991 Begin of a first major order: "Arbeitsamt Annaberg"
July 27m 1991 Founding of the receiverhship "Am Scheibenberg" mbH as legal successor of the former PGH
01.11.1990 Entry into the Sächsische Bauindustrieverband e.V. (Association of the saxonian construction sector)
Second half of 1990 Substantial purchase of new construction machinery
01.07.1990 Start of business operations with 35 employees; acquisition of work contracts in the areas civil engineering, roadworks, concrete construction as well as drilling and blasting technologies.
29.06.1990 Acquisition of the building yard Silberstr. 1a in Scheibenberg and old machinery of the then VEB ITG Schwarzenberg; these assets originally belonged to the PGH Bau "Am Scheibenberg" which had been nationalized in 1972, and had meanwhile filed an application for repatriation.
June 1990 Extension of an investment loan for the purchase of machinery and equipment
08.06.1990 Establishment of the Baugesellschaft "Am Scheibenberg" mbH
May 1990 Submission of an economic concept and application of a ERP loan at the Bank für Handel, Handwerk and Gewerbe Gelenau, the later Volksbank Annaberg
March 1990 In the course of the political changes in the GDR, the future associates make first considerations concerning a private construction enterpise in Scheibenberg.
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